Who Is Qualah


Weight Qualah Single Artwork

Qualah, Detroit born Cali raised was introduced to her talent at a young age. Taught by mother and father Qualah learned how to sing/rehearse at 3 years old. She would become the family voices as time passed singing Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and more.  

At the age of 10 Qualah moved to California and was immediately exposed to a new way of life and a new state of mind. Qualah, no stranger to travel and life on the road had covered most of the US grounds by 15. Due to a Military Step dad and a passion for travel life.  Growing up fast in a Military home Qualah spent a lot of time crafting her skills as a writer from the ripe age of 11. Focusing on her creative expression through writing, singing and dancing in school choir, local dance teams and talent shows Qualah soon began to write and arrange lyrics at 13. Qualah wrote her 1st fully complete song Have You Ever Been in Love sharing the song with family Qualah realized her abilities would one day help her reach her dreams.

Over the years Qualah has built a solid repertoire of lyrical content. After much hesitation, deliberation, and procrastination Qualah’s finally decided to share her music with the world. With all heart and no filter Qualah is ready to give the music industry a piece of her mind.