Soo What Have You Been Doing???

Ok So I haven’t written anything here in MONTHS! But the dream the progress it all has still been working.

So let me catch you up! A few months ago I made quite a few cover songs! It was in August and I thought to myself well I don’t Vlog but I do sing. So I decided to sing a song each day. With the hopes of letting my dream out and working out my vocals. I didn’t manage to sing every day of August, but I sang! I got great feedback too! So here’s the thing. Last Night 11/15/2015 I was on a Blab convo and a few amazing people gave me some good advice. Basically stop sitting on your dreams and standing still. This morning I am feeling incredibly inspired to just GO! To start. To jump out of the plane and hope TO GOD the parachute works! So I have MANY MANY PLANS THAT I have been working on Many of them I have been secretly making moves on, But the moves aren’t big enough to let the universe Know That I’m serious…. I’M IN IT TO WIN IT! And that’s the problem.


Well you can see that within the last few months I redesigned this site! How do ya like it?!?!? Simply put, I’ve Well as you can see within the last few months I redesigned this site! How do ya like it?!?!? been creating lots of videos and building an audience on Youtube. Which is a part of my plan and goes along with my music journey although my YT channel is beauty related. I use music in Just about EVER video I create and Hi My name is Qualah often times people leave comments about how they were dancing while watching. My audience Loves Music too! So now its time. Its time to start enlisting help from you all.

I have to get help to get this off the ground So I’m ready to jump. Wanna
Jump with me????

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So I’m gonna share with you some of the songs I sang Regardless to How BAD THEY WERE, I think it will be therapeutic and inspiration to me to keep on doing something more if I do So without further adou here they are.

Here is My entry to a recent radio station contest! I didn’t win But I was glad to have done it!

Also I covered Alicia Key Fallin. As you will see I was really trying to capture drama. May a little over dramatic But I’m a work in progress!

And last but not least for this post I covered another Alicia Key Song Butterflies. I recorded, edited music and videos by myself on my old school mac. So I have not been a total sitting duck! Just moving at a snails pace. I really am excited now! I hope you enjoy. Leave me a comment and check it out! PeaceQualah Signature

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