2 Open Mic Performances Last Night

Last night I was just sitting around minding my business and I thought about it…. OPEN MIC. Hoped on the internet and saw there were 2 back to back so I hoped in the car after a quick rehearsal and headed out to The Talking Pint in Riverview for the 1st open mic. It was a restaurant/bar type joint and there was a guy singing soft rock. I only had Weight; I knew that wasn’t necessarily their main target group but did I care…. NOPE! Got right on up there and performed my rap song and followed it up with a Dixie Chick Acappella.

I got a good response from the crowd but with only 2 songs performed I was asked as I was leaving to perform more. I assured both guys I’d be back next week and I’d bring more material but now I’m sure how thats gonna work out considering some of my songs may not go over well in that setting… BUT WE’LL SEE!!!

After the Talking Pint I decided to head across town to a 2nd spot Pegasus LoungePegasus Lounge in Tampa.This crowd was a bit more diverse and more on the same path as me in terms of Genre and style. There were more acts here then at the 1st spot. This set I stuck with Weight only and of course I killed it!

One thing about me…. I’ve NEVER been stage shy. I have always been able to get on a stage and rock the mic. Nothing less that that occured last night! Only thing I will say is at the first spot I may have messed up on 1 word during the hook and I was also trying to edit myself and not curse so much so that maybe sounded a little weird. Pretty much I just did a radio edited performance.

At this point I am happy to welcome you all to the REAL JOURNEY. Now is where shit gets REAL!!!! No joke there will always be an up hill battle being a female in this ish but you think  I care! NO! I HOLD NO BARS and I refuse to be less of me to appease anyone else! With that being said I will make it my #1 goal to ALWAYS KILL IT! If ever Im off 1 night you’ll know something aint right scratch that IT IS MY PLAN TO ALWAYS BE ON cuz I am here to play NO GAMES! Like it or not I will make sure I hit every not not miss 1 lyric. This is my path and I aim for excellence. >Lol Mini Rant over<

Anywho Unfortunately I wasnt able to get footage because I went alone and didnt have anyone to get video for me. Hopefully someone there got footage and I can maybe snatch the video and add it later but next time I will get some footage even if I have to set up my camera in the middle of the stage LOL GHETTO LOL >NoFucksGiven<

Hoping to hit up at least 1 open mic tonight 2/22 so keep a look out for a post about that! In the mean time and in between time list to my tracks and share this post


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