Many Ways To Get Back To Focus

(Just an FYI this was supposed to be last weeks post, buuut)

There are so many ways to get off focus and/or off target. Thereʼs so may avenues you can take to reach a particular goals, that at times you can literally get away from your end goal. So what are you supposed to do when you get off focus, off target and out of the realm of where youʼre suppsed to be. Iʼm sure there are many possible answers for this question. I suppose the best place to start with, to reach a conclusive answer is your goals and plans. First of all you have to know what your goals are. If you donʼt know what you want… Youʼll never get it! Next is your plan. While we may at times have delusions of reaching all of our goals with out a single plan, we soon learn that some goals especially the major oneʼs usually need a plan behind it to succeed. With that being said its important to know how to plan and prioritize your plans within your goals. After we have a plan we then face reality that ALL PLANS donʼt always go according to plan. Well actually in my opinion if you plan well enough your plans can go exactly how you plan them with a few bonus points, BUT and there is a big BUT, You have to stick with the plan. Obviously you want to allow for minor bumps, or slight changes, but if anything comes along that takes you further away from your goals and plans YOU HAVE TO SAY NO! I sometimes have a hard time with this part and before you know it Iʼve taken on my load, a friends load and everybody else load too. This post is a wake up call. You wonʼt reach your goals and plans if you allow everyone elses goals and plans to interrupt your own. Sure, its cool to help people out, makeup time for friends and family, alter your plan when necessary; However if you ever want to reach your own goals you need to make sure that your plans are always in mind, #1 and that everything you do is either in-line with your plans or will not hinder you from reaching your goals.


The key to getting back on focus once you’re off target… Well first you have to realize when you are off target. The moment you realize you are off target you need to make Swift changes to get back in-line with your goals. Sometimes that will require you to make difficult choices: Like quiting a job, changing your habits, stoping the 24 hour party, cutting off friends youʼve known for a long time, moving away from family even. Sadly when you want to reach your goals there will be times you may have to make one or 2 or more of these decisions. The key… is to be ready when the time comes. If you know what you gotta do, DO IT! Purpose Don’t Come Easy! Well thats it for me. Tell me what you think by leaving a comment below and jump in the conversation. Have you run into the issue of getting off focus? Have you had to make a difficult decision to stay focused? Let me know. Catch me next week on The Journey To Music

Qualah xoxo

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