Tampa Music Conference


On Thursday I went to the Tampa Music Conference. Man I am so glad I skipped out on work early to make it, there really was a wealth of information to be had. Much of the information is good to hear even if you already know it. You know sometimes there’s always little bits of info that you just may need to hear outlaid from another person. Yea that typa thing; I still gathered a lot of new info as well. I spent $50 because I didn’t know anything about it until the night prior at Da Cypher 11 Year Anniversary held at Crowbar. Which was pretty good might I add…. I was too posted I was plastered to my seat REAL LOW KEY and kinda Anti Social, but I wanted to just take in the scene people watch get a feel of the environment. Of Course I was NOT Anti-Social or Low Key ate the Tampa Music Conference DUH!!! At the conference I met a lotta people Artists, Writers, Dj’s and More I had hella contacts to add to my list, but most importantly what I love about these kind of events is the open SHARING of knowledge for the overall benefit of people who just don’t know!! Why I do a WHOLE LOTTA research sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know so you have to network and collaborate with others  to keep up on new info. This event did just that for me!

It was also good to get info from the “Other Side” so to speak. They had an entertainment lawyer, dh’s and Artist managers speaking on the panel and them sharing their frustrations about dealings with artists etc was really a gold mine to me. It gave me insight to the things NOT TO DO. Even if I forget some of the things I really feel like I have made a few connections that I can build upon and simply ask for help and suggestions. All in all the $50 was a great investment for my career. I’m so ready to get to the part when my music is FULLY MY BUSINESS I’m really excited… I’m focused!

Something BlitzM PD of K100 Radio Station told me at the conference stuck with me and I will keep this in mind going forward I explained to him that I made 2 promo songs that I wasn’t intended to profit from … He asked me why would I do that?? He said if you’re not able to profit from it why do it!?!?! That question although very simple the emphasis, delivery and inflection automatically put me in a new thought process… This is a business …. To survive the business you have to make the right moves to sustain your career. I felt a little silly when he said it but every moment since that moment I have thought about it with that in mind. Make the right moves so that ultimately you can make this your business … Your successful business.

Thanks BlitzM and All the other panelist who shared information we would have had to pay 100’s or even 1000’s of dollars for.  I’ve always been about knowledge learning and improving I will be able to make several improvements from this 1 event.


Always Grateful

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