Pound The Pavement

Last night I hit the streets. On the Ybor strip I took my 1st step to promo my brand with guerilla marketing. It’s was cool to get out there, but I really am going to need a team. All in all I know that ultimately this can be a helpful way to add more to my brand.

I received my 1st Edition of t-shirts and business cards; They are definitely NOT my last and final design plans because there were some issues,but they’ll do for now. It’s so funny gettin out here in these streets to see different peoples responses. There are people who will respond to you positively, people who will rush off, people who won’t care and it’s all a part of the beauty.

The show doesn’t stop because of 1,2,3 or 4 bad responses… The show goes on infinitely until the plan results in and overwhelming response of love.

Im here to stay!

Catch me again out in these streets marketing my brand passing out cards. It’s a long road ahead…. But I’m Ready!


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