Copyright Org. Got me Twisted!!!

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Copyright Organization really got me bent!!! Its been 8 almost 9 months since I registered my last copyright! They have gotten TOTALLY OUTTA HAND AND IM NOT HERE FOR IT! FIRST OF ALL Copyright used to take 4 MONTHS MAX!!! Now I pay more wait more and yall cant even meet your own deadlines??? […]

Tampa Hip Hop Culture League

Should I Be Obnoxious?

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Tonight I’m going to Crowbar to join the Hip Hop League. It’s certainly gonna help me boost my material, my connections, and my knowledge of other opportunities that may arise. The draft is tonight but the League competition portion doesn’t start until January. I been low-key excited about this for a minute? Secretly counting down […]

The idea of Quitting

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Have you ever played with the idea of quitting? I have …. Well not exactly the idea of quitting or giving up but I’ve thought that maybe this isn’t going to work for me which inadvertently leads to QUITTING! Lets just be clear I have been a singer and a writer for a very long […]

Pound The Pavement

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Last night I hit the streets. On the Ybor strip I took my 1st step to promo my brand with guerilla marketing. It’s was cool to get out there, but I really am going to need a team. All in all I know that ultimately this can be a helpful way to add more to […]

Tampa Music Conference

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On Thursday I went to the Tampa Music Conference. Man I am so glad I skipped out on work early to make it, there really was a wealth of information to be had. Much of the information is good to hear even if you already know it. You know sometimes there’s always little bits of […]

Jayz oops Jayz Damn face

It was brutal

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Tonight I performed live at Pegasus Lounge in Tampa, Fl. The crowd was intimate and the performers were plentiful. I showed up at a pretty good time this week, Last time I showed up at 11 thinking the show started at 10:30… Boy was I off! So anyway this week I made sure to be […]