Have you ever played with the idea of quitting? I have …. Well not exactly the idea of quitting or giving up but I’ve thought that maybe this isn’t going to work for me which inadvertently leads to QUITTING!

Lets just be clear I have been a singer and a writer for a very long time. The love has never left me. It never will leave me.

When you base your own success on the validation, acceptance or the idea of what someone else deems a success you may never reach that dream.

Perfect solution… Come up with your own idea of success. If that means getting through a show where no ones listening, or getting through a heckler in the audience (i.e. Comedians) then take those leaps or baby steps as they are necessary for YOU!

When we spend our time looking at what others have or are doing … We waste our time not doing what we need to do, to get where we want to be. And this my friend is when we play with the idea of quitting.

There comes a time when we have to drop the fairy tale visions of our lives and get REAL with SELF. What are you realistically looking to accomplish, what can you work towards today?? Not to say that your fairy tale is not possible but usually the dream is point Z. If you are at point “A” you still have 25 more steps to make, to get to “Z” … so be realistic. Look at your own path and set goals and plans according to your own plate.

That my friend is how you beat the idea of Quitting and the idea that “Maybe this is going to work out for ME” typa thinking.

I’ve been there, I’ve had those feelings and thought those thoughts and I always manage to get it together when I realize… Wait are you comparing yourself, your life, or your position to someone else???? Thats when I check myself and I re-recognize that I am ME. I have my OWN journey, My OWN path and I must walk MY path not someone elses.

Tonight I performed at Pegasus Lounge Open Mic. I was satisfied with my performance. Could I have done better .. Well you know I will always find a flaw in myself. I do not CLAIM flawlessness to myself because then I’d be settling for mediocre and I ain’t about that life!

I’ll get better, but I can say I’m not far off from being on point! I just happen to be harder on myself than anyone else.

Don’t Quit Dreaming, Dont Quit Chasing your dreams because as long as YOU believe in YOU, you’ll make it where ever you wanna go WITH or WITHOUT the validation of others.

Do what you love and live your purpose.

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Last night I hit the streets. On the Ybor strip I took my 1st step to promo my brand with guerilla marketing. It’s was cool to get out there, but I really am going to need a team. All in all I know that ultimately this can be a helpful way to add more to my brand.

I received my 1st Edition of t-shirts and business cards; They are definitely NOT my last and final design plans because there were some issues,but they’ll do for now. It’s so funny gettin out here in these streets to see different peoples responses. There are people who will respond to you positively, people who will rush off, people who won’t care and it’s all a part of the beauty.

The show doesn’t stop because of 1,2,3 or 4 bad responses… The show goes on infinitely until the plan results in and overwhelming response of love.

Im here to stay!

Catch me again out in these streets marketing my brand passing out cards. It’s a long road ahead…. But I’m Ready!


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On Thursday I went to the Tampa Music Conference. Man I am so glad I skipped out on work early to make it, there really was a wealth of information to be had. Much of the information is good to hear even if you already know it. You know sometimes there’s always little bits of info that you just may need to hear outlaid from another person. Yea that typa thing; I still gathered a lot of new info as well. I spent $50 because I didn’t know anything about it until the night prior at Da Cypher 11 Year Anniversary held at Crowbar. Which was pretty good might I add…. I was too posted I was plastered to my seat REAL LOW KEY and kinda Anti Social, but I wanted to just take in the scene people watch get a feel of the environment. Of Course I was NOT Anti-Social or Low Key ate the Tampa Music Conference DUH!!! At the conference I met a lotta people Artists, Writers, Dj’s and More I had hella contacts to add to my list, but most importantly what I love about these kind of events is the open SHARING of knowledge for the overall benefit of people who just don’t know!! Why I do a WHOLE LOTTA research sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know so you have to network and collaborate with others  to keep up on new info. This event did just that for me!

It was also good to get info from the “Other Side” so to speak. They had an entertainment lawyer, dh’s and Artist managers speaking on the panel and them sharing their frustrations about dealings with artists etc was really a gold mine to me. It gave me insight to the things NOT TO DO. Even if I forget some of the things I really feel like I have made a few connections that I can build upon and simply ask for help and suggestions. All in all the $50 was a great investment for my career. I’m so ready to get to the part when my music is FULLY MY BUSINESS I’m really excited… I’m focused!

Something BlitzM PD of K100 Radio Station told me at the conference stuck with me and I will keep this in mind going forward I explained to him that I made 2 promo songs that I wasn’t intended to profit from … He asked me why would I do that?? He said if you’re not able to profit from it why do it!?!?! That question although very simple the emphasis, delivery and inflection automatically put me in a new thought process… This is a business …. To survive the business you have to make the right moves to sustain your career. I felt a little silly when he said it but every moment since that moment I have thought about it with that in mind. Make the right moves so that ultimately you can make this your business … Your successful business.

Thanks BlitzM and All the other panelist who shared information we would have had to pay 100’s or even 1000’s of dollars for.  I’ve always been about knowledge learning and improving I will be able to make several improvements from this 1 event.


Always Grateful

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Tonight I performed live at Pegasus Lounge in Tampa, Fl. The crowd was intimate and the performers were plentiful. I showed up at a pretty good time this week, Last time I showed up at 11 thinking the show started at 10:30… Boy was I off! So anyway this week I made sure to be there on time. I patiently waited my turn… when my turn came I helped the D.J.  find my music on my hard drive.

Immediately after I went up to the mic and proceeded to perform Weight, Remedy and Savage. I DID GREAT :~D But it all went downhill from there. There were a few good performances after me but then a comic came up to the stage. IT WAS BRUTAL. Heckler Station.. I mean he was just totally shut down by the comments. BRUTAL!

I tried to encourage him after but Im pretty sure he gonna go kill himself when he gets home. No Pun Intended! 2 comics in a row both had some dry/silent moments but the 2nd guy just … he just couldn’t get over the crowd. Makes me want to curl up for them when I see people kinda chock (so to speak) on stage. I understand being a comic is a lot harder to please a crowd than a singer but man If I could walk up with my coat covering him until we got out of the place I think my imaginary mind would have. BUT any who Im sure he’ll get better but MAN!!!!

ANYWHO about my performance, as you may know I  am a perfectionist so I OF COURSE feel like there are some things I could have done better, but overall I did good. I really need to work on singing on a mic and making sure Im in Key BEFORE getting on the stage. I had about 2-4 key failures lol where I simply did NOT hit the right KEY! Most people say “Oh you’re the only one who noticed” and that cool and all but if I noticed it ….. IT WASN’T RIGHT! IJS you Gotta be together when you get on stage and I mean like a PRO!!!

Tonight was a good night after a slight disappointment (recording session got canceled) I was hoping to start on a new song, but its all good next time!


Well Thanks for reading my ramble ttyl

Xoxo Love

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Either todays was a good session or JWaltTheGreat is just a great engineer and he made me sound better than I actually do LOL!
Today we went in to do Savage… Started out with One Last Dance Mixing and fixing etc. Which I have to say, JWalt had the Vocals sounding really good much better than before. I really liked the turnout. Didn’t quite finish with it, HOPING to get One Last Dance Ready for radio ASAP.
As I am typing this I am listening to Savage on my headphones, it just came to my mind that the music on a song can mask a LOT tomorrow I’m gonna need to listen to the vocals no music. As far as Savage goes we laid the vocals in about 30-45min not even sure if it took that long but for good measure. To be TOTALLY honest I was nervous before I went to the studio today… Why I don’t know I’m not the type to get nervous often, I’ve always been the type to roll with it and if something goes haywire DEAL WIT IT! But today I was nervous. Good thing the session wasn’t so bad.
I have been battling with my voice for a while now. I’m concerned I may have vocal damage. With that being said I took some direction and it worked out. There are some changes and a few more background harmonies that need to be added but the song is on a great path to completion. I will be hopefully be able to share it with you soon.

Anywho I feel good about todays work and I cant wait to tell you about tomorrows session.

Until Next Time Love Like you’ve Never Been Heart Broken and Dance Like Now One’s Watching Peace

Last night I was just sitting around minding my business and I thought about it…. OPEN MIC. Hoped on the internet and saw there were 2 back to back so I hoped in the car after a quick rehearsal and headed out to The Talking Pint in Riverview for the 1st open mic. It was a restaurant/bar type joint and there was a guy singing soft rock. I only had Weight; I knew that wasn’t necessarily their main target group but did I care…. NOPE! Got right on up there and performed my rap song and followed it up with a Dixie Chick Acappella.

I got a good response from the crowd but with only 2 songs performed I was asked as I was leaving to perform more. I assured both guys I’d be back next week and I’d bring more material but now I’m sure how thats gonna work out considering some of my songs may not go over well in that setting… BUT WE’LL SEE!!!

After the Talking Pint I decided to head across town to a 2nd spot Pegasus LoungePegasus Lounge in Tampa.This crowd was a bit more diverse and more on the same path as me in terms of Genre and style. There were more acts here then at the 1st spot. This set I stuck with Weight only and of course I killed it!

One thing about me…. I’ve NEVER been stage shy. I have always been able to get on a stage and rock the mic. Nothing less that that occured last night! Only thing I will say is at the first spot I may have messed up on 1 word during the hook and I was also trying to edit myself and not curse so much so that maybe sounded a little weird. Pretty much I just did a radio edited performance.

At this point I am happy to welcome you all to the REAL JOURNEY. Now is where shit gets REAL!!!! No joke there will always be an up hill battle being a female in this ish but you think  I care! NO! I HOLD NO BARS and I refuse to be less of me to appease anyone else! With that being said I will make it my #1 goal to ALWAYS KILL IT! If ever Im off 1 night you’ll know something aint right scratch that IT IS MY PLAN TO ALWAYS BE ON cuz I am here to play NO GAMES! Like it or not I will make sure I hit every not not miss 1 lyric. This is my path and I aim for excellence. >Lol Mini Rant over<

Anywho Unfortunately I wasnt able to get footage because I went alone and didnt have anyone to get video for me. Hopefully someone there got footage and I can maybe snatch the video and add it later but next time I will get some footage even if I have to set up my camera in the middle of the stage LOL GHETTO LOL >NoFucksGiven<

Hoping to hit up at least 1 open mic tonight 2/22 so keep a look out for a post about that! In the mean time and in between time list to my tracks and share this post


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Today I had a session. We did some editing and fixing of One Last Dance and Weight. One Last Dance is ALMOST done but we will need about another hour session to get it JUST RIGHT!

I really feel like todays session was that break thru session as far as relationship building goes. We got the chance to kinda talk a bit but I really felt like as far as the editing goes we were really able to communicate comfortably. Great vibes in todays session. I really cherish the relationship building process because I always want to be properly understood, when you have people who either understand you or people who make that simple effort it really creates rapport for me. I really feel like we will be working with JWalt a lot he’s seems to be level and open. Another very important factor for me when working with people on projects because I am very open to advise suggestions etc.

Geno got a chance to converse with JWalt too and I think that was also great for him because this is our path we are going to be in this business and we have to get back into building those relationships with those who are in this business as well.

So we did end up playing around with my next song. I recorded just a quick throw away of Savage. Now that we have it on wax I KNOW THIS IS the one for me Although I love the songs I’ve done I honestly think I will love this song more because of the total message. This song is really gonna be a blessing for so many.

So I’m very happy with todays session and the turn out. Simple the relationship building was enough for me. I truly value true connections and Geno and I both will be able to establish and maintain a really great partner in this business. So for today although I didn’t do A WHOLE LOT I still feel like we made progress.

No clips of todays work because really we just edited Weight and One Last Dance. Also I want Savage to be surprise. Anyway Next time I think we’ll do the actual recording. EXCITED…………..

Today I went to the studio. I recorded One Last Dance. It was a rough session for me I really feel like I was getting my Michael Jackson on today. Every success story starts somewhere RIGHT. I kinda felt like I just let my voice go. The truth of the matter is I haven’t been taking very good care of my voice. Not to mention I think my current job doesn’t exactly help with the preservation of my voice. ie I talk on the phone ALOT!

I’ve known for a little while that my voice needs work.  I always know because I can feel it, But it becomes QUITE apparent and crystal clear on wax!! I wont be discouraged though I think the main thing that bothers me is the thought of not being able to sing. oh-no-gif

I’m just gonna be extra sure to eat better ie NO CHEESE. Work my vocals A WHOLE LOT MORE, better breathing exercises, workout a little more and I’m sure the vocal issues will work itself out with that! I’m gonna power through it and do what I can until my voice is back where it needs to be. My mom always taught me to be thorough and work hard … We may not always get along but I’d never take away from what I’ve learned from her.

I gotta say even though I wasn’t totally happy with today’s finished product Overall I KNOW ITS A GREAT SONG! You can hear a clip of it down below. I wrote this song maybe a year or so ago and I figured I’d start with that since I remembered all the words and kinda knew how I wanted it to go. Plus I knew I wasn’t ready to sing When I Grow… I just knew it would be too much and I was right!

All in all I would say I definitely had a rough recording session today, but of course I’ll never give up on my purpose.

Well Check back next time to find out more about my Journey To The Music.