On Saturday and Sunday I was invited to participate in the State of Health Of Hip Hop Conference and Concert Event. The event was hosted by Big Business the creator of “What’s Real Hip Hop” series. I went all dressed up for a presentation Find Out What I Wore. This event was a great event to be involved in and I can really say that I look forward to seeing this brand growing. I just feel like this platform is necessary. We have to carry on and pass down the knowledge that we gain to allow the next and future generations to flourish beyond our own accomplishments.

During the Conference event I shared a presentation regarding Financial Health and How To Leverage Your Taxes to Reduce Tax Liability and Increase Refund. I put together a whole presentation … Sadly I wasn’t able to show it on screen but I may share it in a Quick slide show video for you to view. In any case I will share the Live Stream made of my presentation.

The Concert

State of Health Of Hip Hop Concert
Qualah, Alec Burn Right, Rival727, Tone Kapone, Infamous Beats, Big Business with What’s Real Hip Hop Photo By CarnivalWorks

SO I performed 3 songs accapella at the concert, hosted by Tone Kapone. I noticed that I really need to get a P.A. system or find a rehearsal studio with everything I need to prepare for shows and get really STAGE/PERFORMANCE ready. While I’m not the worse act in the world I could stand to improve my performances. The sound guy mentioned I could improve on my sound consistency which makes sense.

For the last few months I’ve been working with a vocal coach and though I’ve made progress there’s still room for improvement. People said I did good and all but I’m a perfectionist if it ain’t standing ovation I NEED TO GO BACK TO THE LAB AND DO IT AGAIN. LOL… That’s how I feel!

Qualah Live Performance
Photo By CarnivalWorks

Either way it was HELLA better than both my previous 2 performances THAT’S FOR DAMN SURE LMAO TERRIBLE!!!

Anyhow the concert was hosted at a new event 5 Star Dive Bar in Ybor. Never been there But I like it. Its a good intimate venue with enough space to have a party if you wanna.

Now of course I did Share a LIVE video after the show as I usually do So Don’t forget to follow the journey on Social Media As Well.

DJ Spaceship was the Dj of the night. I had previously performed with him before I got a chance to chat with him afterwards and connect with him so we’ll see what work we can do. He also knows my engineer so maybe we can all cook something up in the studio.

Other than that … Oh I forgot to tell you guys I wrote a new hook about a month ago and I layed the hook down. My husband QB’d a Collab and got Gino Geez and Dugee Gunnem together to do this. This song is gonna be a HIT!!! NO DOUBT!!! Super excited to share with you. Well that’s it for now. Follow me on Social Media Check out what I wore at the event on my Beauty Blog and I’ll check you out later.

Very excited to continue My Journey To The Music.


I release my UNconditional E.P. what next??

Well the release of my UNconditional e.p. is HARDLY GAME OVER!!!! There’s so much work to be done I literally wouldn’t dream of celebrating beyond a few quick stolen moments to enjoy how far I’ve come. If you’ve been following this blog for a while then you know how far I have come. (If you haven’t, be sure to look at my previous posts and follow the journey).

Though I have come a long way in this journey. I’m not done or even close for that matter. Now I have to create visuals, continue to build my brand, improve my performances, and Break this Record!!!

As you can tell I’ve GOT HELLA WORK TO DO!!! Not to worry as usual I’m going to take my time and do it a bit at a time. I’ll certainly keep you all posted on the progress I make as time wears on.

The Journey Continues…


a1 Ep Release Qualah Signup

Available for Download Now


So it’s Finally here. My UNconditional e.p.

a1 Ep Release Qualah Signup

Let me tell you how long it took to get here. . . Damn near a YEAR!!! The UNconditional E.P. is just an introduction! In this introduction you’re going to get 5 raw tracks which capture my Versatility, Authenticity and my inner most defining characteristics. . . Definitely an open book. As you may know Im always about being honest w/ self and others and though I only give a tiny glimpse of that with the UNconditional E.P. I’m sure you’ll soon figure out how far the rabbit hole can go.

With UNconditional I know you’ll find something you love!

So go ahead Download UNconditional My Debut E.P. Today!

New Music Qualah UNconditional E.P. Release

Copyright Organization really got me bent!!! Its been 8 almost 9 months since I registered my last copyright! They have gotten TOTALLY OUTTA HAND AND IM NOT HERE FOR IT! FIRST OF ALL Copyright used to take 4 MONTHS MAX!!! Now I pay more wait more and yall cant even meet your own deadlines???

I think not


Update!!!! So I legit had to call them!!! It literally took them less than 2 days to complete my copyright… So if you have to call and check CALL N CHECK!!!

I will not be just trusting that they will take care of business after that! So now I will be on they head about my copyright! Im not paying more for you to do less! PERIOD!


The saga continues! Dont forget to check out my recent event and find out when I’ll be performing live near you!

Qualah Site Icon

I previously posted about my one EP Release Singles, Savage, but I didnt include the EP Release date. I now have a set date for the Release of my DEBUT EP Release. While Im not sharing the exact date I am giving out hints. If you know me personally or are willing to do background research to find out you know the date! ITS MY BIRTHDAYYYY!!!!

YES so I decided to realease my DEBUT EP on My birthday since its on a FRIDAY and the perfect amount of time from now. So if you know when my Birthday is then you know the date of my release, if not…  NOT to worry I will be sharing the date very soon. There are a lot of things to be done between now and then so you will surely find out VERY SOON!

I won’t get excited until I have gotten everything complete and ready, But I will shout it out  and let it be known to the world that the purpose … the journey is in full effect and I will not slow down until we have results.

Thats it for now! Until next time

Be You Stay True

Qualah Signature

Tonight I’m going to Crowbar to join the Hip Hop League. It’s certainly gonna help me boost my material, my connections, and my knowledge of other opportunities that may arise. The draft is tonight but the League competition portion doesn’t start until January.
I been low-key excited about this for a minute😏 Secretly counting down the days. I’m pretty sure me missing King Of The Stage, a Hip Hop Competition here in Tampa Founded by Aych the man with the plan… anyway I was pretty sick I had to work that day; so now I’m showing up to the Hip Hop League although I’m not Totally or Exclusively a Hip Hop artist. But I’m a Golden Ticket Toot toot lol

Let’s assess: I’m new to the game of the Music Business (The creative side has been there since FOREVER) BUT I Write Rap and Sing … I ain’t gone say it out loud but I’m cute too and Put in the right situation I’mma buss my ass to reach my goals. Just as long as ain’t nobody lookin for no pussy we cool🙄😒😂😂😂😂 TMI but had to be said 😂😂😂
I suppose I’m just looking for the right mixture… I realize there ain’t one so I gotta go with whatever’s clever and come out on top!
All in all this is going to be a good look. All around positives and I can ease into the Tampa scene without being Obnoxious about it… Which I totally could be😏
Maybe that last statement ☝🏾is exactly what I need… to be Obnoxious??? Should I be Obnoxious 🤔… Whacha think?
See ya tonight 😉

Qualah Signature



Qualah attended Cx1 Djs World Wide Conference Call

A great way to hear whats up and coming and network and make connections. The best part about it is if you have a busy schedule or work during the day you can still tune in to  new knowledge when you’re all done with everything.

This is really the approach of getting to the top or the vision or the path. All I’m saying is you gotta consistently participate in something. I really have to be doing all that I can and this is a part of it! I’m happy to be a part of the call Im getting bits of information that someone may need in the future. Im able to here the insides … What we need, what we’re looking for, whats frustrating. I just gotta say I gather a wealth of info from these calls and conferences and events.

So if you’re in music … Just Do IT!!!


So last night I pulled up at the Crowbar to perform live on Da Cypher Open Mic night. The show is usually set to start a 11pm I got there at about 10:45pm. When I get there the list is full of names and you can actually choose what # you are when you go up. Of course numbers 3-9 were full so I had 1,2 or, 10-15 to choose from. I chose #2 which ultimately meant #1. I get up on stage perform Remedy & Weight in that order. So here’s what I saw, liked and didn’t.

#1 They had reverb on the mic. At times I liked it especially for singers but while talking it was a lil weird… Moving on! I sang ok I really feel like I’ve gotta get back on my vocal lessons cuz lately my voice been missin … Like it does the BARE MINIMUM you hear me LOL… Like “Boo I’ll getchu thru but dont be expecting no adele out this MF” LMAO nah but real talk I just know that my voice can do much more and I need to get it together to my level anyway. I just dont wanna be out here thinkin Im soundin good when really I sound like …

The Goat From the Whitney Houston video on Facebook


I don’t wanna be that singer. SO I CRITQUE MYSELF CONSTANTLY AND THOROUGHLY!!! #ThatIsAll

#2 There are a lot of talented artists in the Bay Area.. Really makes me wonder why Tampa Bay ain’t really on the map. Like whats going on behind the scenes??? Are some of them really fakin, are some people not that serious, are some people not that into it! For all of the people i’ve seen, to be doing what they are doing for the length of time (for some) …. Whats really going or not going on!

They say once you reach 10,000 hours in your industry you become pretty much an expert and from there you should be, by then, at the height of your career.

I see a lot of artist who are always at shows always performing, so what is it?!?!? Have they not quite reached their 10,000 hours, are they choosing to only put on for the city, are they really just getting started, or are they not sure which path they want to take? Are some people just needing guidance but dont want to have it?? A very valid question.

Ultimately I am making this MY BUSINESS. Of which I WILL be earning a living income from. With that being said I can’t see myself sustaining that business while constantly shelling out money and not recouping any of it. YES I KNOW THE SAYING


I know the saying to be true, But I also know that spending your money wisely can be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business which is ultimately what you are when you’re an artist … You are A BUSINESS!

I just want to make sure I’m successful and I’m not making costly mistakes that could keep me from living the life I want and deserve to live. Yes this is my dream but my dream is also a means for me to accomplish all of the other things I want to in my life. For me it doesn’t just stop at a dream (for myself) I wanna see my people not just doing good but excelling and doing FUCKIN GREAT!

Not judging but observing with the intention to learn from other peoples mistakes, something I’ve never really done but I see the value in it by not wasting my time doing something thats already be proving to not work.

I just keep it 100.

Either way it goes I do like what im seeing. From some people I learn, from other I learn… I’m observing watching listening and learning, at this point thats all I can do. My writing is straigth my art is good, its my business that I’m focused on now!


I love the scene at Crowbar its a nice lil spot. The guy who runs the show seems like a cool dude. He seems to be good people which is always great.

All in all I’m learning I’m grinding I’m pushing the dream. I’m here to stay

That’s it Thats All

Im very excited to announce to you that UNconditional is now available on iTunes. So this should have been available from Day 1! I’m doing this alone here people so just show mercy on me OKAY!!!

You can now download and stream the UNconditional E.P.  on iTunes. You can also stream this and add this to your spotify playlist etc. So whacha waiting for… Get to streaming and downloading. 💋

a1 Ep Release Qualah Signup
NOW Available on iTunes

Here’s my 1st Music Review From the UNconditional E.P.


Recently, Florida rapper/singer Qualah decided to make her mark in the music game and released her first ep entitled UNconditional.

While some artists try to jam all of themselves into their first project, Unconditional is only an introduction to Qualah’s many sides. Like cracking open a book, a blunt, or a brewski, you’re bound to find your vice in Unconditional.

19023463_697302553804295_6493124026722368039_o.jpgUNconditional proves that one can be a lady where she wants to be and a freak when she wants to be. The five-track ep has a huge “can I live?” vibe, from resurrecting harmonies about being your queen to dropping bars about getting your self-respect up, hints of Qualah’s personal journey can be heard throughout the ep on every level.

On the ep’s opening track “Savage”, (first of all, love the title) Qualah finesses a motivational r&b track into a thuggy dedication to defining your own character.


View original post 297 more words

Savage 1explained

Savage is basically a history lesson, a call to my people to take a moment to think about cause and effect of harmful behaviors. For example Men calling women a “Bitch” in “Savage” I express the cause and effect by showing and/or expressing the end result i.e. women calling themselves “Bad Bitch” It all seems harmless but is essentially detrimental to the psyche. Women openly disrespect themselves… How can you expect someone else to respect you when you don’t respect yourself.

While I try not to take the approach of scolding I choose to end off the song by reaffirming that these things simply aren’t true “You ain’t a savage, you ain’t a nigga, you ain’t a bitch, So don’t go with it”

It may not fit in with the current Popular and trendy use of the term “Savage” but it is nevertheless necessary and there are people out there who want to know or need to hear that its ok NOT to follow certain trends.

I call the song “Savage” because its a popular use of a term that was originally attributed to the Natives by European invaders Early Caucasian American History. They began by calling the Natives “Savages” while ACTUALLY being Savage So I see it being a complete sign of Disrespect and Ignorance to the Ancestors for us to be running around calling ourselves Savages today.



Savage is literally a personal letter to my people. I just wanted to let my people know that they are more. That they don’t have to settle on certain things because they’ve become trendy or for any reason at all.

Now that you know more Press Play on Savage and let me know what you think now. Don’t forget to Download your copy of the UNconditional E.P. Now!!!

a1 Ep Release Qualah Signup


Qualah Signature

Qualah lyric tshirt

New Products New Products will be available from me. I am definitely going to have

products for my next event at Pegasus Lounge(Flyer Below) But I have also will bepresenting my products online and through other avenues. Making this music business a success is not up for debate for me and I will be finding new/old ways to market myself and promo my projects, products etc. With that being said heres a sneak peak of 1 of the items I will be launching. I’VE GOT SO MUCH MORE IN STORE!!!! Dont think that this is even all there is. I’m super excited to be able to get these new products preped for launch.

Come end of Nov Im going to be in ATL. Looking to really get some work done while Im up there. Stay tuned. Well thats it for now! But hey why dont you sign up for my email list and Follow me on my socials and I’ll Holla