Am I Wrong?

You know I made a gospel/inspirational song right??? Yea you remember the song “He Answers Prayers” That was based on well an inspirational/gospel type feeling..He Answers Prayers Art 2

Any how as I was brain storming I came up with the idea to market my song to local churches and ministries and possibly set up performances at churches as a special guest type of thing. So hereʼs the catch… Iʼm not a Christian or any other denomination of the religion, and I donʼt praise Jesus. Does that make it Awkward for me to perform a somewhat gospel song??? To be honest I don’t think so, because I wrote the song… its a beautiful song and I feel the song can help someone through a difficult time. My job was to write the song, sing the song and carry the message through my song. This song will inspire someone. So therefore How can I or anyone else for that matter rebuke what was obviously meant to happen. I still want to make this an open debate though because I think its always a good idea to communicate some of the feeling we have if not for good conversation, to really just be authentic and real with each other. AIN’T NOTHNG WRONG WITH THAT! Right? Listen to the Song! So youʼve heard the song, you’ve read my thoughts on the issue tell me what you think about it. Is it “Wrong” For Me To Sing a “Gospel” song in a church or with a church organization when I’m not a Christian? Catch Me Next Week Same Place Same Time

Qualah xoxo

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