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Well hello. …

For a while I was writing theme songs for youtube channels. I decided not to continue for the moment because I donʼt want my writing to be taken over by watered down versions of songs. I wanted to be sure I was actually still producing quality lyric in songs so I had to give it a rest. Now that I have given that a break I have been back to writing, full lyrical content no water added. I decided to write here today because if there is anyone out there reading this I wanted to let you know the journey is still on!!!

I started a go fund me account so that I could start to build funds for my project with the help of a few helpful hands. I havenʼt released my campaign yet because I want to build up a bit more of a following so the campaign has a chance to be successful. For a little while now I have been prepping and planning to bring awarness to the community about me. You will hear about all of my events, and appearances through this site so be sure to sign up to my email list. Before I get started Iʼve got to design and place an order for my business cards, banner, posters and a few other printed materials. Iʼve decided to record a few mixtape song and prep like a mini street album to have along with me at these events. I think it may end up being raw material. .. … .. Unpolished.. Which to me sounds and feels like a complete DISASTER, but Geno is kinda warming me up to the idea by talking about Wu Tang and how when they came out they sounded like they were in their grandmaʼs basement or garage or something. Lol I don’t wanna sound like that!
But when I look around at all the driven yet talentless people. 149591a43d693d6bac4f9bda4ee5cf6e4e48I just know… somewhere in me that if they, truly sounding like garbage can step outside of their house and have the nerve to push their no musically inclined selves, THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I’m gonna just walk through life with all the Natural Ability I have, leave my purpose on the table and miss out on the opportunity to do what I came here to do, just because I don’t have all of the financial resources to make the best sounding quality stuff to begin with.


We all have to pay our dues and right now I’m about to pound the pavement hard and get my ass in these streets with my music, my love and my Wu Tang Basement Closet sounding recording LOL

Catch me next time. Iʼm gonna have a new posting schedule. Iʼm gonna starting posting here every Saturday from now on! Hey Donʼt forget to sign up for my email list.

Qualah xoxo

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