Copyright Org. Got me Twisted!!!

Copyright Organization really got me bent!!! Its been 8 almost 9 months since I registered my last copyright! They have gotten TOTALLY OUTTA HAND AND IM NOT HERE FOR IT! FIRST OF ALL Copyright used to take 4 MONTHS MAX!!! Now I pay more wait more and yall cant even meet your own deadlines???

I think not

Update!!!! So I legit had to call them!!! It literally took them less than 2 days to complete my copyright… So if you have to call and check CALL N CHECK!!!

I will not be just trusting that they will take care of business after that! So now I will be on they head about my copyright! Im not paying more for you to do less! PERIOD!


The saga continues! Dont forget to check out my recent event and find out when I’ll be performing live near you!

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