Everytime I….

So it’s been too long! I’ve been busy on my YT Beauty Channel and other blog. But I did take some time out to do a few things music related. So I was doing a new voice lesson that is really great. The only problem is I kinda fell off for like the last week. Sadface, but I will definitely get back on that! ASAP cause I really did notice a difference in a very short time.  So one night I was playing around on my computer when I heard an acoustic loop, I instantly felt it and wrote.I wasn’t really thinking about anything heavy at the time, but this just came and I wrote a short yet sweet song. Took me 5 minutes to write. Would you like to hear it??? I hope you do! It’s called

Everytime I ~ Written By Me of Course

I have a lot of work to get it perfect, but I felt it would be perfect to share with you all because of how simple it is. I just wanted to share this with you guys.

This is, I must warn an unedited version. Don’t Laugh! Very quick throw together piece and I really didn’t put the a lot of thought or even effort into the editing… Well I did a little but I’m very limited with Garageband OKAY! Lol

Anyway I have been staying away from all dairy except yesterday(6/2/15), I couldn’t resist an egg and cheese sandwich. But other than that the dairy has been a memory. I know for you this may seem totally irrelevant, but actually for my voice is it all too important. I have to work on getting my vocals back to sounding as pure as possible and they are so far from that, but I am taking necessary steps to achieve my goals. For a long time I have been misusing my voice and it shows when I sing. That breaks my heart. There is nothing on this earth that will keep me from reinvesting my time into my love. My voice, my music, my song. Well without further adou here is

Everytime I by Qualah

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