Finally Finished: He Answers Prayers

I have finally finished this song to the best of “My” ability and resources at the present time. I love the lyrics and can honestly say that completing this song is like a brick knocked down on that invisible wall. Now I feel like I can really move forward and make the music I’m supposed to make and make it great! Honestly I’m really excited because it give me GREAT ideas about future plans for my music. With the completion of this task I feel really liberated and like I can do anything. I’m really excited to get on to the next track and start knocking these songs out!

A little back story so I have a youtube channel and I have been trying to find collaborations for my channel. I looked on famebit for a collab partner and I saw someone looking for a songwriter to write a theme song for her youtube channel. I contact her and let her know “I’m not a Gospel singer or a Christian, but I CAN WRITE” she said that was fine. That was back in December I went ahead and wrote the song that day, but it took me a little longer to get it recorded I had issues with my vocals then I was rehearsing for what seemed like forever and I did SEVERAL takes and versions of the song. Finally it was ok to release. Now Yes of course I know its not studio/radio quality but I’m recording in my closet with Garageband GIVE ME A BREAK HERE! Either way it goes I’m happy with how the song has progressed and what it’s turned out to be. Of course later down the line I will definitely be wanting to re-record this in a proper studio with quality equipment but for now it’ll have to do.


Check it out for yourself

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