He Answer's Prayers Video

So I uploaded this video I hope you watch and enjoy!

New Music Original Song By Qualah: He Answers Prayers

I hooked up with He Answers Prayers youtube channel to write a theme song for the channel. I wrote this song and have finally finished with the recording of it please check it out like, comment, subscribe to my channel and He Answers Prayers.

All about the channel He Answers Prayers
Religious Inspiration, Sermon, Sharing the word and motivation. If you are christian you will love this channel. Dont forget to like the facebook page as well.

Collab with He Answers Prayers
Youtuber Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZfdwYl-x8_R1z6HsVisXKw

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HeAnswersPrayers/?fref=ts

About the song: I wrote this song based on the theme I was given. I wrote the song in 1 hour, I rehearsed it A LOT. I recorded using Garageband on my mac. No other programs were used.
*Fun Fact: There is only 1 voice throught the entire song. I created the choir sound by stacking 10-15 tracks in different octaves.*

Direct Soundcloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/qualah/he-answers-prayers-original-song

Song Credits:
Written Performed and Recorded by Shaqualah C.
Instrumental By: Paul Cabbin https://twitter.com/PaulCabbinBeats
Other Credits: Geno C. https://twitter.com/NuccinFutz

To contact me about writing/singing your theme song send me an email MsQualah@Hotmail.com


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