I Went Live 4 Da Cypher @Crowbar

So last night I pulled up at the Crowbar to perform live on Da Cypher Open Mic night. The show is usually set to start a 11pm I got there at about 10:45pm. When I get there the list is full of names and you can actually choose what # you are when you go up. Of course numbers 3-9 were full so I had 1,2 or, 10-15 to choose from. I chose #2 which ultimately meant #1. I get up on stage perform Remedy & Weight in that order. So here’s what I saw, liked and didn’t.

#1 They had reverb on the mic. At times I liked it especially for singers but while talking it was a lil weird… Moving on! I sang ok I really feel like I’ve gotta get back on my vocal lessons cuz lately my voice been missin … Like it does the BARE MINIMUM you hear me LOL… Like “Boo I’ll getchu thru but dont be expecting no adele out this MF” LMAO nah but real talk I just know that my voice can do much more and I need to get it together to my level anyway. I just dont wanna be out here thinkin Im soundin good when really I sound like …

The Goat From the Whitney Houston video on Facebook


I don’t wanna be that singer. SO I CRITQUE MYSELF CONSTANTLY AND THOROUGHLY!!! #ThatIsAll

#2 There are a lot of talented artists in the Bay Area.. Really makes me wonder why Tampa Bay ain’t really on the map. Like whats going on behind the scenes??? Are some of them really fakin, are some people not that serious, are some people not that into it! For all of the people i’ve seen, to be doing what they are doing for the length of time (for some) …. Whats really going or not going on!

They say once you reach 10,000 hours in your industry you become pretty much an expert and from there you should be, by then, at the height of your career.

I see a lot of artist who are always at shows always performing, so what is it?!?!? Have they not quite reached their 10,000 hours, are they choosing to only put on for the city, are they really just getting started, or are they not sure which path they want to take? Are some people just needing guidance but dont want to have it?? A very valid question.

Ultimately I am making this MY BUSINESS. Of which I WILL be earning a living income from. With that being said I can’t see myself sustaining that business while constantly shelling out money and not recouping any of it. YES I KNOW THE SAYING


I know the saying to be true, But I also know that spending your money wisely can be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business which is ultimately what you are when you’re an artist … You are A BUSINESS!

I just want to make sure I’m successful and I’m not making costly mistakes that could keep me from living the life I want and deserve to live. Yes this is my dream but my dream is also a means for me to accomplish all of the other things I want to in my life. For me it doesn’t just stop at a dream (for myself) I wanna see my people not just doing good but excelling and doing FUCKIN GREAT!

Not judging but observing with the intention to learn from other peoples mistakes, something I’ve never really done but I see the value in it by not wasting my time doing something thats already be proving to not work.

I just keep it 100.

Either way it goes I do like what im seeing. From some people I learn, from other I learn… I’m observing watching listening and learning, at this point thats all I can do. My writing is straigth my art is good, its my business that I’m focused on now!


I love the scene at Crowbar its a nice lil spot. The guy who runs the show seems like a cool dude. He seems to be good people which is always great.

All in all I’m learning I’m grinding I’m pushing the dream. I’m here to stay

That’s it Thats All

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