I Wrote a New Song Last Week In My Journey


Okay! So at the beginning of the week it was looking real shady…. I mean I wasn’t doin nothing!!! Just a waste of perfectly good time. I can’t go into details about why, but I will say there is a valid reason for such an atrocity in laziness. Anyhow, as the week wore on meaning Wednesday came, I got the urge to do something. So I had to go to the leasing office in my complex because my BLASTED laptop is DONE!!!! And I don’t have internet… Don’t laugh I’ve been trying to save money, Ok! Anyway I went up there and downloaded 5 new beats. On Thursday I began to write to one of them. By Sunday Morning, excluding Friday and Saturday I had completed the song!!! Well I am excited because this is a very personal song. It’s written in a fashion that I usually save for my really deep songs, it happens to be one of the most personally vulnerable songs for me because it touches on one of the most challenging situations in my life… My relationship with my mother. I can’t say that the song was inspired by any other song, artist, or idea because its just what I felt when I really heard the beat. All of my songs really are from personal experience. I find that writing from personal experiences offers a greater connection. Writing this song really helped me to release some of the feelings I had about this particular relationship. I’m sure there’s more where that came from, but its a very rare topic for me in this form so I don’t know how many more like this will ensue.

I was excited to finish this song, well because whenever I finish a song Im always excited. At heart I am a singer, a performer and for me writing is synonymous with my love of music. I mean, for me writing is a part of the process. I write songs all the time but its always the same when it’s a wrap, when I have the final word and the song is complete I feel like I have accomplished something, to me that is great. Writing is therapeutic, its fun and I find it brings me peace just as when I sing I feel at peace, when I dance I feel at ease. That’s just a part of me! It’s the reason why at this point in my life I have made the decision to go forward with my dreams. No matter what naysayers say, no matter how many doubtful looks and stares I get this is my dream and If I don’t go for it I will never truly be ME!

Yea I know all that passion about writing a song. LOL Its how I really feel. So for now I will end it here

Stay Healthy, Happy and Always Loving, & By God Don’t Forget to Live Love Laugh SING AND DANCE!!!!


With Love Qualah

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