In Turmoil About What to Do

Ok so this week has been a week of deliberation. .. Yes deliberation! I have been going back and forth on what I should do with the little extra stash that I have. One part of me is thinking ok I need more extra money, I can just sell handbags to help me with my recording and music related expenses. The other side of me is like look you need to do this music. Then all at the same time I’m like… I CAN DO BOTH!!! Yea so here’s the thing, I love fashion and many people ask me where I get this and that. I also a entrepreneur at heart and mind. The issue is that I don’t have big time money and I don’t want to waste all of my time on a 9-5 when at this time thanks to my love I have the option to work on what ever project is going to be the most beneficial. I have often in the past been one very prone to doing


In the literal since of me spreading myself and or my resource too thin. By knowing this I take careful calculations and have been making a strong effort not to do it.

So a few days ago I asked myself, What is most important to you??? Its a nobrainer
Qualah loves music Is and always will be one of the most important things to me. I have been singing since I was 3 years old. I watched Whitney Houston Perform on an awards show and each year I watch award show I would always say.. One day Im’ma be on that stage! So much so that I ever stopped watching awards show until Im on one. Now that’s real talk. And I love watching award shows. But its more important for me to perform on one than to watch it. Hasn’t happened up to this point but I KNOW WHO I AM AND WHAT I WANT! And when Qualah wants she makes it happen! SN: As I am typing I am listening to beats in my headphones which is really intensifying my feelings right now! All as I am typing this post it all becomes so clear. It’s been foggy because I’ve been concerned about financing my project, but in reality … (Laughing inside) if you knew how prepared I have gotten myself on the business level you would be giving me the blank stare like…blankkstare2 What’s the problem?!?!? I have to laugh at myself a little because I now in this moment realize that I have just been a little scared and walking down the road of self sabotage. I watched a video by Marie Forleo recently and realized that I have done it before. So now I have to make a Strong effort not to Self Sabotage and not to allow anyone else to Sabotage my endevours. SMH duly noted

So let me tell you what I worked on a few weeks ago. I created a sponsorship package to have every thing layed out for me to shop  for sponsors. Which is one of the reasons why I said you would give me the blank stare. I have a real f’ing plan that if I follow will surely help me reach my goals. Anyway the sponsorship package along with promo ideas and promo songs that I have written. Have all been typed up nice and pretty. I have been researching marketing ideas and really trying to figure out the best way to advertise myself. I have requested media kits from news papers as well as magazines and I have been trying to figure out how I can incorporate several media options to maximize my results. I need to be branding but I also need these things to convert! How and the Hell can I ensure that is my question. Should I consult a professional marketing specialist? Right now since I’m not even staring out yet I think its highly unlikely to get much from anybody worth of the time unless someone can guarantee results so much so that they only take a percentage and don’t charge me upfront. Right now for me that’s a long shot. So I’m gonna have to roll up my sleeves and get my walking shoes on. I gotta get out in the streets. Which I have NO PROBLEM WITH! Except I wish I had my/a team with me.

Writing this post has been therapy for me. I have realized some of my deepest feelings and can now move forward and knock down these walls!


And I can always add on new projects as time moves on, but first I need to  push play on my music.

Let’s make it happen!!

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