It was brutal

Tonight I performed live at Pegasus Lounge in Tampa, Fl. The crowd was intimate and the performers were plentiful. I showed up at a pretty good time this week, Last time I showed up at 11 thinking the show started at 10:30… Boy was I off! So anyway this week I made sure to be there on time. I patiently waited my turn… when my turn came I helped the D.J.  find my music on my hard drive.

Immediately after I went up to the mic and proceeded to perform Weight, Remedy and Savage. I DID GREAT :~D But it all went downhill from there. There were a few good performances after me but then a comic came up to the stage. IT WAS BRUTAL. Heckler Station.. I mean he was just totally shut down by the comments. BRUTAL!

I tried to encourage him after but Im pretty sure he gonna go kill himself when he gets home. No Pun Intended! 2 comics in a row both had some dry/silent moments but the 2nd guy just … he just couldn’t get over the crowd. Makes me want to curl up for them when I see people kinda chock (so to speak) on stage. I understand being a comic is a lot harder to please a crowd than a singer but man If I could walk up with my coat covering him until we got out of the place I think my imaginary mind would have. BUT any who Im sure he’ll get better but MAN!!!!

ANYWHO about my performance, as you may know I  am a perfectionist so I OF COURSE feel like there are some things I could have done better, but overall I did good. I really need to work on singing on a mic and making sure Im in Key BEFORE getting on the stage. I had about 2-4 key failures lol where I simply did NOT hit the right KEY! Most people say “Oh you’re the only one who noticed” and that cool and all but if I noticed it ….. IT WASN’T RIGHT! IJS you Gotta be together when you get on stage and I mean like a PRO!!!

Tonight was a good night after a slight disappointment (recording session got canceled) I was hoping to start on a new song, but its all good next time!


Well Thanks for reading my ramble ttyl

Xoxo Love

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