My Journey Begins

Today was my first day scouting recording studios. I went to Morrisound studio’s unfortunately they were in the process of moving and so I was unable to view the actually studios, but I got to discuss some of my plans and ideas for my project. It was good just to express myself a little bit on what I’m looking for in a recording studio and engineers etc just overall what Im looking in the people that I will be working with. I’m hoping to be able to create a network of people that I can work with that I trust. I don’t want an uncomfortable work environment and since this is going to be my day job I’d better get my money’s worth! All in all I really see this happening and I can see myself in a recording studio doing what I love….

Singing Making music


I truly believe that when you do what you were meant to do and be who you were meant to be that all of the earth will recognize you in your passion… in love


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