New Music Reaction: 1st Listen "I Gotta Go"

1st Listen to “I Gotta Go” re-recorded 7/24/18 at Glasshouse Studio Tampa, FL
So I’ve got so many updates for you guys! I’ve been very busy since my last update so I have so much to tell you! For today we’re taking the 1st listen to “I Gotta Go” After its been re-recorded with my engineer J.Walt at Glasshouse studio in Tampa, FL

I was excited to do this and it didn’t take much time to have a really good mix down ready for speakers. I’d original planned to get a new set ready but we didn’t get to do that because we worked on other songs. It’s totally cool because we came out with really great material.

I decided to make a video sharing my reaction because it just seemed like a great way to get you involved in the process of me creating my project.


I gotta go is a song I wrote when I was about to hit the road. I was literally tired of everything and decided to dip! I drove cross country and Lived as a nomad for 7 months before coming back to FL. So lets listen to my Getaway Song.

I know you’ll love it!

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