New Products Coming…

Qualah lyric tshirt

New Products New Products will be available from me. I am definitely going to have

products for my next event at Pegasus Lounge(Flyer Below) But I have also will bepresenting my products online and through other avenues. Making this music business a success is not up for debate for me and I will be finding new/old ways to market myself and promo my projects, products etc. With that being said heres a sneak peak of 1 of the items I will be launching. I’VE GOT SO MUCH MORE IN STORE!!!! Dont think that this is even all there is. I’m super excited to be able to get these new products preped for launch.

Come end of Nov Im going to be in ATL. Looking to really get some work done while Im up there. Stay tuned. Well thats it for now! But hey why dont you sign up for my email list and Follow me on my socials and I’ll Holla