New Single “Sweat Shoppe” is on its way!

Guess what! My new single “Sweat Shoppe” is on its way! I’ve been sharing the recording process of this song on Facebook. Follow my page for the most current up to date information about my Journey to the Music.

Sweat Shoppe is the Party Summer Anthem you’ve been waiting for. It will be featured on my Debut album (Untitled). I’m so excited to share this Track with you all because I know you’re gonna love it! 10 outta 10 across all people, music industry pros, Djs, Engineers, Family Friends etc. who’ve given their opinion on the track.

This New music is perfect if you love to dance to upbeat, uptempo songs. The release of this new song is really going to be a Hit in the music industry.

Here’s a sneak peek listen of the track.

Sweat Shoppe by Qualah

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