Plans To Make My Career in Music Successful

No Goal is Accomplished Without a Plan

Creating a Marketing Plan

This week has been mostly focused on me working out some personal issues that have kinda caused me to have less focus on my music. Now that I have that handled I am better able to focus on my music. So last week there wasn’t much in the music. However towards the end of the week I was able to create a marketing plan, well basic and I have been taking a lot of time to sharpen my knowledge on certain aspects of the music business. I have been really working hard on my marketing plans. For me I know that this is by far going to be the most costly of the majority of my efforts. So finding cost effective ways to get my message out there would be in my best interest. I’m not like most artist out there who just believe the music will speak for itself. Yea, the music will only do a portion of the work the rest is up to you working your bunz off to get it to the right people! I have no problem doing the work, but you better bet your ass Im’ma do hours of research so that when I approach my task I execute with success. I’m extremely thorough almost to a fault. I also want to minimize the amount of time I spend running around bumping my head against the wall, that’s just not fun. So using all of my previous business knowledge and experience I’m taking the time that I am not able to record or make certain moves, to just lace myself with knowledge so that I am ready to take it to the top from jump. Oh I hope you know that’s where I’m going ;~)


So onto other plans, I have been hoping to figure out where and who I’m going to record with. There are limited options here in Tampa so I really have to just shop the options and decide through trial and error. I have been to a few recording studios here in Tampa, but honestly I haven’t completed a project to know who I really need to be working with. The fact that I’m not recording right now is frustrating, but that’s why I have been spending so much time learning and planning. I do realize that there is so much work that goes into making this dream of mine a reality, That knowledge makes it less bothersome, but the moment I can afford it I’m hiring people to do this stuff for me!!! 8~D


So shall I go into details, yes okay. So I went to check out a printing shop to get estimates on printing up flyers, cards, t-shirts etc etc. I got a good place to start with creating my budget. I am a visual person so I need to have the numbers in front of me in order for them to really register. After seeing what they had to offer it kinda gave me some ideas on how I would like to design everything. I’m a very hands on person, I do already have some basic graphic and website design experience of my own so its easy for me to understand how things really will come together. I’m not sure if I’m going to actually design everything on my own but if I have to I will just roll up my sleeves and do the bulk of the work on my own, in the beginning that is. Honestly I’m not so thrilled about that, but gotta do what you gotta do, and its gotta be done! As we know a lot of printing and design people charge by the hour. With all of my ideas and what I want to do that could pricey! The good thing about it all is that adobe does have that cloud thing so I can pay a monthly fee to use flash, dreamweaver, photoshop etc. So that really is a relief if I have to do it myself. Actually, thinking about that makes the project seem less daunting and more fun. There are always options to hire freelancers and have everything printed up on my own. I’m going to research some of the internet printing options and see if that will work best for me. I’m just really going to have to buckle down on my time then and create a tight schedule to make my deadline. At this point I’m already going to have to work double time because I pretty much lost Jan and Feb due to personal issues. That was a setback but you have to keep telling yourself setbacks will happen just keep going and reach the finish line with a few obstacles as possible, but really setbacks happen when you let them and I will say with certainty that my setback may have been something that I could have prevented. Won’t be crying over spilled milk, but I will be paying for it with all of the work I’m going to be doing.




My Image

So for my signature image I have decided to focus on qualities that I posses naturally. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right! That being said I going to focus on my personality. Outside of occasional hysterical fits of heart break and anger I’m a pretty cool person. I love to laugh, dance, sing, I’d like to say that I’m poetic because I’m vibrant and colorful yet calm and graceful. If that’s not poetry I don’t know what is! Overall my image is going to be me with a few changes. First off I’ve been in the gym working on my mid section. I’ve got great body parts but my mid section looks like half a beer belly. :~D I accept the fact that I’m a little abdominally challenged and because i wasn’t that way prior to children I know there’s something sexy underneath it all. Oh and in case you’re wondering I don’t drink AT ALL, YUCK (For me not you)! I prefer to enlighten myself in the same way as say Bob Marley or Snoop Dogg, every once in a while, very rarely, I find it offers more awareness while enlightening the spirits. Anyway that’s a whole different topic. So back to my image, simply me being me fashionable, vibrant, natural and graceful. If you can imagine that then you are on a roll. Also in terms of the actual psychological image I intend on opening myself up a bit. Give people an intellectual, creative view of what it is to be or know Qualah. I guess, essentially that’s why I created this blog, to give a closer look into a portion of my thought process. There’s so much more to a girl than just her pretty smile ;~)




Ok so next up on the list is photography. I have narrowed down 4 looks: elegant, just me, fashionable business, and Fun Funky/Wild whatever you wanna call it. These are the aspects of my personality that I want to capture. I have a few great ideas that I JUST KNOW is gonna cost a lotta money of which I don’t have. Yea Uh, BUT IM SO EXCITED!!! I don’t care I’m going to find a way to make it happen! I have made the decision to pursue my dreams and I have also made the decision to let N.O.T.H.I.N.G get in my way. Unfortunately, I have to prepare for the worst with this. Yea sad, but truth is everybody won’t be able to deal. Even more unfortunate that at this point in my life That’s None Of My Business I’m just gonna have to keep on trucking. Well anyway Back to photography. I figured I can do a few unprofessional shoots just to get some practice on posing and positioning and get a little more comfortable with the idea. Plus, I really need to see what I look like on camera, in Not a selfie format. After getting that all together I think it will be helpful in choosing my apparel for the professional shoots. Oh that reminds me I really need to set a budget for each shoot. I’m thinking I’m gonna have a low budget. I have done a little research and narrowed my options down to 3 photo studios that have daily rentals available for really good prices. I could use the studio for most of my themes and have another mini session outdoor. That should help me get it done with less money spent overall. With that I will be able to have a lot of images to use for the many different aspects of my work. For instance I know you guys are tired of seeing stock photos and none of me…. Yea I know, I’m working on it. One thing at a time ok!!!!


These are the things I will have to consider photographer, outfits, Props. Hair, nails, Makeup, misc. The most money will be on shoes and apparel and possibly props unless I rent a studio which then the price of that will be included.


These are just estimates

Photographer $100-150 per hour

Studio $180-$400

Makeup $30-150

Hair $75-175

Props $0-80

Nails $50-100


Total Estimated Costs $535-1355



Now here’s what I do know I’m not paying NO DAMN $1355 for a photo shoot right now! Yea, I know bad grammar! I’m gonna have to cut some things out and or just be really specific and particular about the use of my time. I’m certain I should be able to get every thing done with about $500 or less. I’m a very creative person so I can work out some things. Also I can put my sewing skills to use and customize my outfits. I have done it before and it would give me something fresh and personalized. Other than that I’m gonna have to be mindful and careful about what I’m getting done. Ok so all in all I have no idea if I’m going to enlist the help of professional marketing specialists right now, but I know that means a lot of nights out networking, a lot of days out promoting. But as long as I create a schedule I think everything will go well. Oh and I may have to hire an assistant once things really get moving. Anyway this is what I’ve been working on this week and I know this is one of the most important aspects of any business especially the music business.


Well that’s it for today. Until Next time stay healthy, happy and always loving.

Don’t forget to live, love, laugh, sing and dance.





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