Preparation For The Preparation

Yeah I know. Vague and confusing. . . . . To you anyway. So Iʼve been preping. Plans, lyrics, vocals, image etc. Iʼve just been prepping for my hustle. Iʼve located several open mics in the local area which Im actually super excited about it because there are far more now than there were a year ago. I have brain stormed several promo ideas and even worked out some of the details for those events. I have long since been working on building an audience with my Youtube beauty Channel (Go Subscribe) however I realize I have to get out into the community. I finally set up an email list so I can communicate through newsletter for those who can’t or don’t follow my blog. Iʼve got great ideas to bring awareness to my community about me and my Journey or Art shall I say. All I have to do  now is finish my final preparations.

Soooo why did I call it prep for the prep….. Well because even though I have all these ideas I still don’t have a product!!! Music that is. Yes Of course I have some closet recording and a few covers but I don’t have any of my REAL DEAL RADIO READY material completed! BUT I do have a plan. It includes all the plans mentions and a gofund me campaign which I will launch once I begin my community outreach. So this is LITERALLY the prep for the prep. When the time comes for me to enter the studio though I WILL BE READY 100% to knock it out! This is not for nothing. So in the near future you will be seeing me out in the community, sharing material, getting sales, shows and building a larger audience. Are you ready for the real journey? Yeah!

Catch me next time on the Journey To Music and find out what I got into this week. Let me know your thoughts down below and sign up for my email list so you know where Iʼll be next.

Qualah xoxo