Quick Update!

So for this month so far I have been writing and singing theme song for youtube channels. I have done 6 so far currently working on a few more. I’m offering the service for free to get me out of my own zone and into something new but mainly to gain more experience from a service perspective. Show I’ve written hundred of songs for myself and family to hear. But I haven’t done on demand I want this type of writing and I must say over all its been good. But there are always going to be challenges. The only challenge I have had so far is keeping the idea that this is on the path to my dream so I have to stay focused, motivated and do it! I’ve had fun doing this and I want to offer several more Free theme songs until I feel comfortable to charge. At this point lyrics have been easy its the sound quality that I’m mainly  concerned about. Although I only have garageband I want my songs to be the best sounding songs coming from GB. I’ve been testing out a lot of the features but there’s still a learning curve which is the only downside because I dont want to be giving people CRAPPY WORK and I get worried that, thats EXACTLY what Im doing.

Oh well I have to do what I can with what I have. Well thats my brief update I’ll link a few of the songs so you can check them out.




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