Rough Session The Journey Continues…

Today I went to the studio. I recorded One Last Dance. It was a rough session for me I really feel like I was getting my Michael Jackson on today. Every success story starts somewhere RIGHT. I kinda felt like I just let my voice go. The truth of the matter is I haven’t been taking very good care of my voice. Not to mention I think my current job doesn’t exactly help with the preservation of my voice. ie I talk on the phone ALOT!

I’ve known for a little while that my voice needs work.  I always know because I can feel it, But it becomes QUITE apparent and crystal clear on wax!! I wont be discouraged though I think the main thing that bothers me is the thought of not being able to sing. oh-no-gif

I’m just gonna be extra sure to eat better ie NO CHEESE. Work my vocals A WHOLE LOT MORE, better breathing exercises, workout a little more and I’m sure the vocal issues will work itself out with that! I’m gonna power through it and do what I can until my voice is back where it needs to be. My mom always taught me to be thorough and work hard … We may not always get along but I’d never take away from what I’ve learned from her.

I gotta say even though I wasn’t totally happy with today’s finished product Overall I KNOW ITS A GREAT SONG! You can hear a clip of it down below. I wrote this song maybe a year or so ago and I figured I’d start with that since I remembered all the words and kinda knew how I wanted it to go. Plus I knew I wasn’t ready to sing When I Grow… I just knew it would be too much and I was right!

All in all I would say I definitely had a rough recording session today, but of course I’ll never give up on my purpose.

Well Check back next time to find out more about my Journey To The Music.


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