Savage is Underway

Either todays was a good session or JWaltTheGreat is just a great engineer and he made me sound better than I actually do LOL!
Today we went in to do Savage… Started out with One Last Dance Mixing and fixing etc. Which I have to say, JWalt had the Vocals sounding really good much better than before. I really liked the turnout. Didn’t quite finish with it, HOPING to get One Last Dance Ready for radio ASAP.
As I am typing this I am listening to Savage on my headphones, it just came to my mind that the music on a song can mask a LOT tomorrow I’m gonna need to listen to the vocals no music. As far as Savage goes we laid the vocals in about 30-45min not even sure if it took that long but for good measure. To be TOTALLY honest I was nervous before I went to the studio today… Why I don’t know I’m not the type to get nervous often, I’ve always been the type to roll with it and if something goes haywire DEAL WIT IT! But today I was nervous. Good thing the session wasn’t so bad.
I have been battling with my voice for a while now. I’m concerned I may have vocal damage. With that being said I took some direction and it worked out. There are some changes and a few more background harmonies that need to be added but the song is on a great path to completion. I will be hopefully be able to share it with you soon.

Anywho I feel good about todays work and I cant wait to tell you about tomorrows session.

Until Next Time Love Like you’ve Never Been Heart Broken and Dance Like Now One’s Watching Peace

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