Savage: What's this Song All About??

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Savage is basically a history lesson, a call to my people to take a moment to think about cause and effect of harmful behaviors. For example Men calling women a “Bitch” in “Savage” I express the cause and effect by showing and/or expressing the end result i.e. women calling themselves “Bad Bitch” It all seems harmless but is essentially detrimental to the psyche. Women openly disrespect themselves… How can you expect someone else to respect you when you don’t respect yourself.

While I try not to take the approach of scolding I choose to end off the song by reaffirming that these things simply aren’t true “You ain’t a savage, you ain’t a nigga, you ain’t a bitch, So don’t go with it”

It may not fit in with the current Popular and trendy use of the term “Savage” but it is nevertheless necessary and there are people out there who want to know or need to hear that its ok NOT to follow certain trends.

I call the song “Savage” because its a popular use of a term that was originally attributed to the Natives by European invaders Early Caucasian American History. They began by calling the Natives “Savages” while ACTUALLY being SavageĀ So I see it being a complete sign of Disrespect and Ignorance to the Ancestors for us to be running around calling ourselves Savages today.



Savage is literally a personal letter to my people. I just wanted to let my people know that they are more. That they don’t have to settle on certain things because they’ve become trendy or for any reason at all.

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