Should I Be Obnoxious?

Tonight I’m going to Crowbar to join the Hip Hop League. It’s certainly gonna help me boost my material, my connections, and my knowledge of other opportunities that may arise. The draft is tonight but the League competition portion doesn’t start until January.
I been low-key excited about this for a minute? Secretly counting down the days. I’m pretty sure me missing King Of The Stage, a Hip Hop Competition here in Tampa Founded by Aych the man with the plan… anyway I was pretty sick I had to work that day; so now I’m showing up to the Hip Hop League although I’m not Totally or Exclusively a Hip Hop artist. But I’m a Golden Ticket Toot toot lol

Let’s assess: I’m new to the game of the Music Business (The creative side has been there since FOREVER) BUT I Write Rap and Sing … I ain’t gone say it out loud but I’m cute too and Put in the right situation I’mma buss my ass to reach my goals. Just as long as ain’t nobody lookin for no pussy we cool?????? TMI but had to be said ???
I suppose I’m just looking for the right mixture… I realize there ain’t one so I gotta go with whatever’s clever and come out on top!
All in all this is going to be a good look. All around positives and I can ease into the Tampa scene without being Obnoxious about it… Which I totally could be?
Maybe that last statement ☝?is exactly what I need… to be Obnoxious??? Should I be Obnoxious ?… Whacha think?
See ya tonight ?

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