So far in March

Ok so it’s been a few weeks since I have written anything here, SO here we go! So for the past week I have been just hanging out with my hubby who has been gone so nothing there. BUTTT!!! I wrote 1 new pop song and 1 new RnB song. So far in March I have been planning and getting things together. I got a new camera for my anniversary so that was exciting… I do youtube videos. Ok so the songs I wrote of course are about the big L word! All about love and how love goes sometimes. I often find inspiration in my own life however every once in a while I may gain inspiration from outside sources. Anyhow I love these songs. I haven’t really written a pop song in a while so it was good to get in that vibe. My husband has been trying to talk me into doing a collab album with him. Years ago I was all for it but it’s been taking some getting re-used to. For a long time I just wanted to do my own thing. No harm in that, right! I’ll be “tinking aboutit” (In my rasta man patwa voice). But it sure was good listening to our beats on those brand new studio monitors we got :~D they are Beeauutiful. Just gorgeous and the sound perfecto. We picked those up about a week and a half ago and man are they sweet. So this is what’s been up guys. Short and sweet. This week I will be back on the vocal boot camp getting them into shape to prepare for recording… Which I am very happy and excited to be doing soon. Tell ya about it soon.


Until next time Stay Healthy, Happy, and Always Loving


Always Qualah

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