Qualah Promo Song 2017 {Clip} Hip Hop Song

New 2017 Music Promo Song This is a song I recorded today. This song’s intended purpose is promo my introduction to the market as a musician. This journey is long over due for me but I intend to infiltrate the system without fail. This song will be handed out by myself and street team along […]

He Answer's Prayers Video

So I uploaded this video I hope you watch and enjoy! New Music Original Song By Qualah: He Answers Prayers I hooked up with He Answers Prayers youtube channel to write a theme song for the channel. I wrote this song and have finally finished with the recording of it please check it out like, …

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Old Mixtape Song Ride 2 The Top

So I have quite a few old mixtape songs that have never been released. And I gotta say I have been riding the fence about when, how, where and if I should release them. When I recorded a few songs back in summer of 2012 they weren’t at all in anyway up to any kind of …

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Everytime I….

So it’s been too long! I’ve been busy on my YT Beauty Channel and other blog. But I did take some time out to do a few things music related. So I was doing a new voice lesson that is really great. The only problem is I kinda fell off for like the last week. Sadface, but I …

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So far in March

Ok so it’s been a few weeks since I have written anything here, SO here we go! So for the past week I have been just hanging out with my hubby who has been gone so nothing there. BUTTT!!! I wrote 1 new pop song and 1 new RnB song. So far in March I …

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I Wrote a New Song Last Week In My Journey

Okay! So at the beginning of the week it was looking real shady…. I mean I wasn’t doin nothing!!! Just a waste of perfectly good time. I can’t go into details about why, but I will say there is a valid reason for such an atrocity in laziness. Anyhow, as the week wore on meaning …

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