The Elements R & B Show

The other day I performed LIVE at The Elements R & B show. I was really excited about this show because I shared 2 new songs and performed I Wanna from my UNconditional ep for the 1st time.

I was nervous all week about it, but when it came time to perform I was ready to go!!!


I went on stage and felt at home to share my love with the audience. Its totally my goal to be my genuine self and share my experience with the audience who’s open enough to experience life with me through my music.

I was initially concerned that when I got up on the stage there’d be no one there to share the moment with me, Although I’ve performed to an empty crowd many times, the energy of the night for me was to SHARE. I knew that on that night in that spot I wanted to share more than just the music… I wanted to share me and a part of my Journey with the audience. It was very well received.

As I am writing this post .. .. .. I realize me sharing my passion, my talent, my love for music is not only about the music, singing on the stage while people watch me; But it is about the connections I make, its about the walking together in this life to make each day better by being who we are and sharing who we are with the world.

I felt the inspiration and as I get better with my presence, with my vocals, with my performances, I’ll be able to share more of me with you every time I step up on stage.


Wanna see my performance… Here it is. Check ya later xoxo

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