The idea of Quitting

Have you ever played with the idea of quitting? I have …. Well not exactly the idea of quitting or giving up but I’ve thought that maybe this isn’t going to work for me which inadvertently leads to QUITTING!

Lets just be clear I have been a singer and a writer for a very long time. The love has never left me. It never will leave me.

When you base your own success on the validation, acceptance or the idea of what someone else deems a success you may never reach that dream.

Perfect solution… Come up with your own idea of success. If that means getting through a show where no ones listening, or getting through a heckler in the audience (i.e. Comedians) then take those leaps or baby steps as they are necessary for YOU!

When we spend our time looking at what others have or are doing … We waste our time not doing what we need to do, to get where we want to be. And this my friend is when we play with the idea of quitting.

There comes a time when we have to drop the fairy tale visions of our lives and get REAL with SELF. What are you realistically looking to accomplish, what can you work towards today?? Not to say that your fairy tale is not possible but usually the dream is point Z. If you are at point “A” you still have 25 more steps to make, to get to “Z” … so be realistic. Look at your own path and set goals and plans according to your own plate.

That my friend is how you beat the idea of Quitting and the idea that “Maybe this is going to work out for ME” typa thinking.

I’ve been there, I’ve had those feelings and thought those thoughts and I always manage to get it together when I realize… Wait are you comparing yourself, your life, or your position to someone else???? Thats when I check myself and I re-recognize that I am ME. I have my OWN journey, My OWN path and I must walk MY path not someone elses.

Tonight I performed at Pegasus Lounge Open Mic. I was satisfied with my performance. Could I have done better .. Well you know I will always find a flaw in myself. I do not CLAIM flawlessness to myself because then I’d be settling for mediocre and I ain’t about that life!

I’ll get better, but I can say I’m not far off from being on point! I just happen to be harder on myself than anyone else.

Don’t Quit Dreaming, Dont Quit Chasing your dreams because as long as YOU believe in YOU, you’ll make it where ever you wanna go WITH or WITHOUT the validation of others.

Do what you love and live your purpose.

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