The State of Health of Hip Hop Event


On Saturday and Sunday I was invited to participate in the State of Health Of Hip Hop Conference and Concert Event. The event was hosted by Big Business the creator of “What’s Real Hip Hop” series. I went all dressed up for a presentation Find Out What I Wore. This event was a great event to be involved in and I can really say that I look forward to seeing this brand growing. I just feel like this platform is necessary. We have to carry on and pass down the knowledge that we gain to allow the next and future generations to flourish beyond our own accomplishments.

During the Conference event I shared a presentation regarding Financial Health and How To Leverage Your Taxes to Reduce Tax Liability and Increase Refund. I put together a whole presentation … Sadly I wasn’t able to show it on screen but I may share it in a Quick slide show video for you to view. In any case I will share the Live Stream made of my presentation.

The Concert

State of Health Of Hip Hop Concert
Qualah, Alec Burn Right, Rival727, Tone Kapone, Infamous Beats, Big Business with What’s Real Hip Hop Photo By CarnivalWorks

SO I performed 3 songs accapella at the concert, hosted by Tone Kapone. I noticed that I really need to get a P.A. system or find a rehearsal studio with everything I need to prepare for shows and get really STAGE/PERFORMANCE ready. While I’m not the worse act in the world I could stand to improve my performances. The sound guy mentioned I could improve on my sound consistency which makes sense.

For the last few months I’ve been working with a vocal coach and though I’ve made progress there’s still room for improvement. People said I did good and all but I’m a perfectionist if it ain’t standing ovation I NEED TO GO BACK TO THE LAB AND DO IT AGAIN. LOL… That’s how I feel!

Qualah Live Performance
Photo By CarnivalWorks

Either way it was HELLA better than both my previous 2 performances THAT’S FOR DAMN SURE LMAO TERRIBLE!!!

Anyhow the concert was hosted at a new event 5 Star Dive Bar in Ybor. Never been there But I like it. Its a good intimate venue with enough space to have a party if you wanna.

Now of course I did Share a LIVE video after the show as I usually do So Don’t forget to follow the journey on Social Media As Well.

DJ Spaceship was the Dj of the night. I had previously performed with him before I got a chance to chat with him afterwards and connect with him so we’ll see what work we can do. He also knows my engineer so maybe we can all cook something up in the studio.

Other than that … Oh I forgot to tell you guys I wrote a new hook about a month ago and I layed the hook down. My husband QB’d a Collab and got Gino Geez and Dugee Gunnem together to do this. This song is gonna be a HIT!!! NO DOUBT!!! Super excited to share with you. Well that’s it for now. Follow me on Social Media Check out what I wore at the event on my Beauty Blog and I’ll check you out later.

Very excited to continue My Journey To The Music.