The Voice: This Weeks Focus On My Journey


Ok so this week has been all about the voice. Everyone knows the saying “Practice makes perfect” well that’s been my moto for getting ready for my recording sessions, which I have yet to set a date (Mainly cuz its not set up!) So this week I have been singing for about 15-30 minutes each day. I have been rehearsing my songs mainly 5 songs that I have down pretty well and a few that need a little crisco around the edges! That part has been great! Helps me realize that I do need to sharpen up and perfect my craft, BUT I have been making a mistake. I’ve been drinking Soy Almond Milk, I don’t know if its the same as regular milk and even though I usually don’t mess around unless I know for sure, I’ve been getting down on the cereal. Does this milk have the same effects as regular milk on the vocals? I’m going to find out soon enough, I will stop but I’ve been having cereal cravings. So there!



For quite some time now Its been an urge of mine to change my style up and create a new sound, but then I remember that no one’s heard me yet so how will they know my growth as a singer/artist. I want to be able to keep my flow for just long enough to get everything on wax and then slowly change it up. I’m trying to make it an easy transition though, so its not completely confusing people about my sound, my style, and my range.

I need to send in some material to copyright organization. A few songs I have already copywritten have been changed up so they will need the updates soon enough. I have been writing mostly for my beauty blog, BUT I have been making sure to finish up on old songs that I been working on forever. I’m working to get in the habit of finishing a song before I move on to a new one. All of my newer songs have been written in one sitting so I will just keep this up for any songs from here on out but for those old songs I have been working towards completing them all. Keep in mind I sing, rap, and write RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, EDM etc etc. So I have a variety of material that challenges my abilities all the time. I’m always able to win the battle, but every once in a while I come across a song that takes me a while to finish. Right now I have 3 songs particularly that are hanging in the air so to speak. These songs will go on my list, now that I have created a schedule for my work and have been trying to get more organized in order to reach my goals.

Songs written can sometimes take a while

So this week has been all about the voice, creating a working schedule for all of my blogs, videos, and music related assignments, and Just getting on target for making my Journey to being a successful musician a reality. Until next time. Stay healthy happy and always loving, and DONT FORGET TO SING & DANCE!






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