This time I created a Fan

Still in Jacksonville been here for almost 2 weeks literally just getting away.

Tonight I went to the laundry room of the hotel I’ve been staying in with my husband. We’ve just been spending extra time together before he gets back on the road. While doing some laundry I decided to write a little. Thinking of making a Christmas Song. So I’m writing and I decide to take a break and sing another song. Well I began

I can’t find a reason… To let Gooo

There was man waiting for his clothes to finish drying. He walks out and stops in his tracks. I stop. I look. He smiles and beckons or requests’ rather that I continue. He literally Posts up, so I sing a few more lines. This guy became excited and asked me to please continue just as my husband Brags about my original songs and how I’m a “Professional singer” Which I of course did not agree. I think for a while trying to figure out a good song only to end up at the chorus/hook of the song I originally began to sing.

“Sometimes I wake up crying at night and sometimes I scream out your naame”

He was really amazed!

He shook my husbands hand, praised my talent with a bit of encouragement… And when my husband went back to the dryer 40 minutes later, he was waiting to hear another song, on the phone harassing my husband about where I was “Where is SHE where is SHE” He try’s to get my husband to get me back out. He tells my husband how he can help us get money for me to actually complete my project “We’ll set up in the parking lot, sing music… and I’ll pass the hat around to collect the money!”

Wow! That feeling when my husband returned to tell me that this man was waiting for me to hear another song…………

This is what I was made for

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My name is Qualah I’m a singer, song writer and a rapper. I love music I love to sing it makes me happy.

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