This year on the Journey

So it’s been quite a while since my first post and not for good reason…. Lol yes I said it! I think the truth of the matter is sometimes… I just forget. Forget to nurture all of the avenues necessary to make my dream a success. Sometimes I get caught in the process of thinking, planning and preparing that I just forget; You can still make progress in other areas. And that’s it! Right there, right there! I can still make progress in other areas and still make my dreams a reality. I had a reminder of that today.


So I made this blog, to document my progress and keep track of where I began in my journey to living my LIFE’S DREAM of becoming a professional musician. Although I have not made the progress I would like I have made some progress that actually… hmmp is just about half the work :~D Over the last 6 or so months I have had to do some back tracking. Last year I closed my child care business and traveled to California (before I was ready),

Qualah Driving From California to Florida

Something about wanting to build and have a closer relationship with my Mother whom I have always been a sucker for!!! BAD IDEA! Long story short I realized that I went against all of my previous plans to satisfy someone who could not be satisfied and in the act of true love I put myself in a horrible position because of it. Well lesson learned that won’t happen again. Anyhow my trip to California… Well actually cross-country was an awesome experience (despite some of the lessor pleasures of life), none the less I learned a lot about people, the world, and myself. Yet I still had unfinished business to tend to that could not be ignored. So in an effort to place my life back together I came back to Florida my home for the last 10 years, to finish my degree.



So from August 2014 to December 2014 I was attending classes…. 1 or which I must repeat BLASTED ALGEBRA!!! ;~) I found a place and have slowly recovered from the mostly emotional blow of my mothers rejection. (Don’t feel bad I don’t!)

What About The Music

Well in November my trusty husband, who is also a musician, re-instilled a brilliant idea. As many of you may know couples usually recycle ideas! This idea was to build up our studio equipment piece by piece. So in November I found a few perfect items and put them on a layaway plan. I found a pair of Sol Republic Head phone which sounded awesome and aSol Republic HeadphonesKORG Recording Console

KORG Recording Console to add to what we already have and what will be purchased in the future. Later that month I also coerced my trust husband to put a pair of Pioneer Studio Monitors on a layaway plan.Monitors

These were basically a few of the main things needed to be able to output acceptable music. Now all we really need is recording software and we can at least make something!!!

Last year I began recording cover songs and uploading onto my soundclick. My plan is to be able to do this faster, more consistently, and with better sound quality. So this tax season its going all to the music. If you’d like to know what’s up with me just check back, follow the blog and all of my social media outlets and you will be updated on all the new posts, music, photos or whatever else there is. Thanks for reading Chao!




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