Todays Session: Editing and Other stuff

Today I had a session. We did some editing and fixing of One Last Dance and Weight. One Last Dance is ALMOST done but we will need about another hour session to get it JUST RIGHT!

I really feel like todays session was that break thru session as far as relationship building goes. We got the chance to kinda talk a bit but I really felt like as far as the editing goes we were really able to communicate comfortably. Great vibes in todays session. I really cherish the relationship building process because I always want to be properly understood, when you have people who either understand you or people who make that simple effort it really creates rapport for me. I really feel like we will be working with JWalt a lot he’s seems to be level and open. Another very important factor for me when working with people on projects because I am very open to advise suggestions etc.

Geno got a chance to converse with JWalt too and I think that was also great for him because this is our path we are going to be in this business and we have to get back into building those relationships with those who are in this business as well.

So we did end up playing around with my next song. I recorded just a quick throw away of Savage. Now that we have it on wax I KNOW THIS IS the one for me Although I love the songs I’ve done I honestly think I will love this song more because of the total message. This song is really gonna be a blessing for so many.

So I’m very happy with todays session and the turn out. Simple the relationship building was enough for me. I truly value true connections and Geno and I both will be able to establish and maintain a really great partner in this business. So for today although I didn’t do A WHOLE LOT I still feel like we made progress.

No clips of todays work because really we just edited Weight and One Last Dance. Also I want Savage to be surprise. Anyway Next time I think we’ll do the actual recording. EXCITED…………..