UNconditional EP Release Date has Been SET

I previously posted about my one EP Release Singles, Savage, but I didnt include the EP Release date. I now have a set date for the Release of my DEBUT EP Release. While Im not sharing the exact date I am giving out hints. If you know me personally or are willing to do background research to find out you know the date! ITS MY BIRTHDAYYYY!!!!

YES so I decided to realease my DEBUT EP on My birthday since its on a FRIDAY and the perfect amount of time from now. So if you know when my Birthday is then you know the date of my release, if not…  NOT to worry I will be sharing the date very soon. There are a lot of things to be done between now and then so you will surely find out VERY SOON!

I won’t get excited until I have gotten everything complete and ready, But I will shout it out  and let it be known to the world that the purpose … the journey is in full effect and I will not slow down until we have results.

Thats it for now! Until next time

Be You Stay True

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