Update & New Recording Equipment Purchase

So this week, welp I’ve been writing and rehearsing. Since my last post I have started 2 songs finished 1 of them. The other song I keep getting twisted about if I should rap the whole song or switch off singing and rapping so I’ve been stuck at not touching the song until I feel it. Plus the parts where Im definitely going to sing are VERY powerful vocals so it’s hard for me to fully keep the vibe of the song because I can’t sing how I want to in my apartment (Which is why I used to always live in a house)! Anyway, there may have been a little bit of blockage on me finishing that song, but as I type right now I have the instrumental playing and I am being flushed with ideas. I have not listened to the track fully through in about a week maybe a few days less. I think I needed that break.

So a few days ago I went online to see what was up with that studio I mentioned on my first post. Well turns out they haven’t yet gotten their new building, but they are recording somewhere which is good. I have been holding off on filing my taxes so as to be fully prepared and aware of my budget, costs, and needs for the things I would like to accomplish with it. I think I want to go with a really quality studio when I move to recording. I‘m going to give them a call and see if they will be a good fit for me otherwise I’ll be heading to Orlando to record my album. There are a few studios in Tampa that I will work with for mix-tapes, covers and other non radio performances, but my album… Nah we going all the way pro. I just hope I won’t be eating up all my funds without having gotten some marketing out of the way as well.

On to the layaways! I have retrieved the KORG mixing console and SOL Republic Headphones. Sol Republic Headphones, what can I say they are gorgeous. They have great sound quality and are very comfortable. I believe these will do the job just fine!   Now the KORG, It’s pretty cool looking, but honestly I don’t know how to use this damn thing! I can hook it up just fine, I can adjust the levels, I can record with it, but the real functionalities that make this equipment a wonderful addition to any studio… Yea I don’t know how to unleash the power! I did however notice a difference in using the KORG vs not using the KORG it seems to give much better control of volume, which is necessary and it also seems to give off a more crisp sound, also a necessity, but I think I might just be a tad bit intimidated because I really want everything to come together. I kinda feel rushed, like I have to learn how to use it RIGHT NOW or my album will suck or something, or maybe my album won’t get done. Seems kinda silly after openly expressing that, but emotions aren’t logical. I suppose that’s what every day is all about, tearing down 1 fear at a time, facing them and conquering the fear. There is no doubt that I can and will be successful, but I do have a lot of distractions that have thus far kept me busy, then comes the fear which is something I don’t succumb to often but it happens when its really big and THIS IS REALLY BIG!!!! Truth is I know it’s going to be bigger & better, when I have taken those crucial steps, than even my own imagination has made it. Now after thinking about it, I’m pretty sure that I know what a part of my fear is and where it comes from . . . I know that I can handle just about anything, but I don’t think everybody around me will be so ready. Children are resilient I know they will be able to adapt especially because I have a basic plan on how that will all work, but I’m not so sure how friendships or my relationship will fare. Does that mean that I should stop in my tracks, Does that mean that I shouldn’t pursue my dreams, Does that mean that I should not do what I want to do? I’m sure everybody has there own opinions, but I don’t feel like this should hinder or stop growth in my relationship or friendships and if it does, what does that say about those relationships? In my opinion this is(meaning pursuing my music) the only way to go, so it does cause a bit of fear in me when I realize that it will possibly affect my relationships, but I can’t not go forward, that would be the biggest disappointment yet. For me not to follow my dreams at this point, that would be the tragedy, So although I have these fears that had paralyzed me before, I can only at this point see me, busting those fears down with a jack hammer and my construction hat, And I hope my loved ones are right there with me hammering away side by side.

Also this week has also been about me creating a marketing plan. I will at some point need to hire someone for this, but as of now, I got Me, Myself and I. I’m great with ideas for marketing its usually the budget. So I’ve been looking at inexpensive yet effective idea to help get the word out and get some shows around here. I know I will be doing open mics, but I haven’t checked any of them out yet to know which shows would best fit me. I guess that will be added to the agenda for the coming weeks. I have some really inexpensive ideas for national marketing, but on the reals thats gonna be so in low key I’m not sure if it’s gonna count. There will always be online marketing but I’m tryna get in front of people. People have to know what they are buying into and I’m all about making sure people know who I am. Unfortunately, Tampa doesn’t allow street performing so I SOL on that tip. I’ve been trying to figure out a way around it, so I think it might be time for me to start visiting a few clubs in the area and see what I can work up. Well that’s still a little ways but I’m putting that in the plan.

As for the marketing I have been moving towards print media. There are so many options out there and if you chose the right one for you and your audience it could be a gold mine. So I’m putting together a list of options and I will go down the list and gather all intel to make the best decision. In the end I’m gonna have to be a one woman street team for the time being. Well I think Im gonna end it here, starting to feel like a run on sentence just keeps going and going. Energizer bunny. :~) Chao

Until next time Stay Healthy, Stay Happy, and Always Loving

And Please don’t forget to Live, Love, Laugh, Sing and Dance

Love Qualah

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