Use What You Got To Get What You Want

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BTW This Ain’t Me Okay!

I love to sing, I love to write, I now love to rap, I love to dance. Music is my 1st love and it is my purpose to inspire you through my song. That’s what I know. That’s the ultimate #1 fact and reality.
Sometimes when you let it… Life may get away with you. That’s pretty much what happened to me, but that doesn’t mean that I have to continue to stay in the same situation year after year. We are here regardless of which fruit we get in life Apples or Oranges weʼre still here to reach our purpose. Iʼm sitting here today with an abundance of personal, professional skills knowledge and abilities. With all the information I carry I can literally start anything up right now and make it work. So why havenʼt I you ask. Thereʼs only 1 thing I want to start up.

For a long time I was limiting myself by the limitations of “resources” and simply not using my the brain I was given to put the skills I have to make that 1 thing happen. In essence I was wasting my abilities. When you think of the term “Use what you have to get what you want” I imagine some 68 year old mother telling her young beautiful daughter to use what she got …… you know the rest, But that’s not what I mean here today. With that statement, I mean that I have an abundance of knowledge in a world where there are so many who donʼt. I finally realized just weeks ago that there are people in the modern world today who still don’t have the .. what I deem to be simple skills that I do. Things that for me are taught in grammar school. I have something that many either don’t have or they don’t use it. That realization was powerful.


Coupled with the realization that there are people promoting themselves as musician yet they havenʼt the musical spirit or talent, I also see and realize that the world could literally be at my finger tips, But I for a time Allowed myself to fall into limits. I think you know what happens next. The dream is on, the dream will soon be a reality.



Reading back on my words is an inspiration. An inspiration I can only hope to share with you with my song…. my love…. my music

Come with me on my Journey. Catch up with me next week on The Journey To Music.

Qualah xoxo

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